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Welcome to
AAP Home Page!

  Mrs. Kahn
Mrs. Pallitta

Welcome to the AAP website. This is where our students and family members can find information and website activities, in addition to links to iReady, Treasures, and GoMath to continue to practice reading, writing and math skills!

When your child comes to AAP, we reinforce core skills in Reading and Writing, or Math in small groups using various activities that support the learning needs of your child. Your child may be working on the computer or playing educational games while in AAP class. At times, AAP teachers will be in your child's classroom to facilitate small-group intervention.

FIRST contact your child's classroom teacher about any learning concerns you have have. If you choose to contact your child's AAP teacher, please use our school email addresses. We look forward to working with your children so that together we can provide each child with the skills required to succeed!