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Outer Space Web Quest

Outer Space Web Quest!






Imagine what it would be like to live somewhere else in our Solar System. What is it like on other planets or a moon? Would you be able to walk around on Neptune, or go swimming on Mercury? For this webquest, we are going to become internet astronauts, blasting off into an online adventure, in 3-2-1, lift-off!



For this web quest you will visit the links listed below to visit your planet and “fly” through the solar system. You will be given a planet to become an expert on and will be able to teach the rest of the class about.




The Process


  1. You will write your name on the top of the space worksheet given to you.
  2. During your time on the computer you will click on the Star Child link to learn about the solar system. As you read about the solar system, fill out the worksheet.
  3. After you have completed the space worksheet, you will be assigned a planet. Click on Kids Astronomy to find the answers to the questions about your planet.
  4. Once you are done with your worksheets, click on the link to play Solar System Trading Cards to test how much you’ve learned.
  5. Click on any of the other links to play more Solar System games.
  6. After you are done at the computer, you will work to type a one paragraph report about the planet you are now an expert on!





Star Child (use this link for the space worksheet) 

Kids Astronomy (use this link for your planet research)



Test how much you’ve learned here


Solar System Trading Cards



Play a Space Game Here


StarChild Activities

Make Your Own Solar System

Space Crossword Puzzles

Planet Scramble




1.          The solar system questions are answered correctly.

2.           You are able to complete the worksheet about your planet by finding the facts.

3.           You play the Solar System Trading Card game and other games.

4.           You do your best work to type one paragraph about your planet.



You are now the biggest experts in the school on your planet! Not only did you learn about your planet, but about everything in our solar system. Thank you for flying with our Spacecraft. Maybe one day you will really fly into outer space and take pictures of a new planet to show us in the future!